The “New & Old” Redevelopment Approval in Hong Kong with Thought of Metabolism (Conceptual)

There are many 1960s small-scale old building blocks in Hong Kong. With Metabolist theory, this study is suggesting a redevelopment idea between new development and historical preservation to make architecture achieving growth and change with city in the future. (More voids/open structures, more nature above ground level of compact city Hong Kong; More relationship with “sky”)

The location of the redevelopment area is one typical street block in Sham Shui Po to be shown as an example of group form redevelopment in the old districts of Hong Kong.

Phase 2010 – Before Redevelopment
Phase 2015 – Redevelopment Phase 1 Maintenance Project
Phase 2017 – Redevelopment Phase 1 Dismantling Project
Phase 2018 – Delivery of Capsule into Dom-Ino Structures
Phase 2020 – Redevelopment Phase 1 Completion
Phase 2027 – Redevelopment Phase 2 Dismantling Project
Phase 2030 – Redevelopment Phase 2 Completion
Phase 2050 – Change of Floor Functions due to The Change and Growth of The City