T Chair



T chair, it was inspired by the shape of English capital letter T and the structure of conventional Chinese back chair. Its design is to emphasize the permeability of chair’s structure, so T Chair has a feature of being easily integrated into the architectural or interior spaces. It can provide the function of storage (e.g books, etc.) under the chair seat and the function of hanging small bag on the T shape’s chair back. For the material, traditional Chinese back chair is usually made of wood, but T Chair is combined with wood and metal together to create a new piece of modern Chinese back chair. For the culture, T Chair is mixed with oriental and western cultures as a group. Traditional Chinese back chair is the not only functional but also ornamental furniture. In the different periods of old Chinese dynasties, with different level of bureaucratic ranking, Chinese chair had different choices, such as round-back armchair, official’s hat chair, grand master’s chair, etc. Coming back to the modern society, T Chair is especially suitable to be placed in the living room and reading room, so guests can enjoy a view of this new type of Chinese back chair.