2018 July

-Founded VIN’S ARCHI. STUDIO, research-based, to focus on Furniture Design & Furniture Production

-Participated His First Furniture Design Competition



2018 Oct

-Attended Design Thinking & Innovation Week 2018, Hong Kong 4/10 – 7/10 (Sponsored by Ming Foundation, CreativeKids, SBS Zippers, and Mainetti (HK))



2019 Jan

-Temporarily Suspended the Studio in Hong Kong due to the Master Study in Tokyo


2019 May

-Start to help professor do research work of Tokyo Studies at Meiji University.

Tokyo Studies are about Between Definition and Redefinition: 

Culture, Society and Space in Tokyo Joint research program between Harvard University and Asian Urbanism Research Institute, Meiji University This joint research brings together social scientists, architects, and urban designers to mutually investigate current social and spatial conditions in Tokyo.

Tokyo Studies at Meiji University


-T Chair & Capra Chair, These two projects attained Honorable Mention in DNA Paris Design Awards 2019



2019 July

-One Pillar Stool, This project attained 2nd Award of Product Design Category in International Architecture Awards 2019.