Vincent is one self-taught Architectural & Furniture Designs’ Lover.


He put so much effort to develop his architectural & furniture designs’ talent, by past-work training and self-taught in the spare time. Also, he used to take part-time design course before founding VIN’S ARCHI. STUDIO.

A’ Design Award & Competition

iF Design Award

Past Work Experience

Adapa Architects Limited, small design studio based in Central, Hong Kong, focus on luxurious apartment or house projects both in China and Hong Kong.

Caffè HABITŪ Group, high-class cafe brand in Hong Kong, office based in Central, Hong Kong, focus on store design/store planning/store renovation projects in Hong Kong.


Tadao Ando & Tom Dixon are Vincent’s motivation. They are also self-taught persons in the fields of Architecture and Furniture Design & Lighting Design. Vincent appreciates both of them a lot, and still learns from their past stories.

One of the ways for Vincent to learn is Backpack Traveling. He loves backpack traveling a lot. Through traveling, he can learn different cultures, architectural designs & life experience, to stimulate his design thinking.




MIX Chair, Furniture Design Competition Winner, Innovative Furniture Design, Hong Kong Design Institute, Hong Kong